Corporate: Franchising

Now in eight US cities, Sophisticated Living is expanding its reach by offering a unique franchise opportunity in select markets. With a business model that provides an opportunity to express your creative and editorial vision within the framework of an established brand, as a publisher of Sophisticated Living, you can cement your status as a local tastemaker while capitalizing on your existing business interests.

Why Sophisticated Living? According to The Association of Magazine Media’s 2016/17 report, research continues to show that magazine media remains the most trusted, inspiring and influential of all media. Print remains preferred by the majority of readers – even millennials. Third-party sources, including Millward Brown Digital and Nielsen Catalina Solutions have recently released reports showing the incredible power of print advertising; ads in magazines deliver a higher Return on Advertising Spend than any other measured media.

For more information about franchise opportunities with Sophisticated Living contact Eric Williams at 502.299.4249 or